Tips to Increase Sales for Cell Phone Repair Shops

Cell phone repair shops are a big business if done right. Some might say it’s all about repair shop marketing techniques, and they are right to an extent marketing is critical to any business’s success. However, in this article, we have looked at other aspects that can help increase sales. We have searched and scoured the different resources to bring you unique tips that will help you improve your cell phone repairing business’s sales. If we have piqued your interest, please read on.

Increase Your Online Presence

It is incredible and hard to believe that someone would not have a website in this day and age. Yet, many cellphone repair shops do not have one; they are usually single-site operations managed by an owner(s). If this is you, get in touch with us right away! Anyhow, moving forward, a giant chunk of your potential customers – those with smart or feature phone problems carry out searches for a suitable repair shop online. So not having a website is possibly the worst thing you can do to your business. Those who do have a website should focus on SEO to make sure their repair shop ranks on or near the first two pages of search engines like Google. People usually pick repair businesses listed in the first couple of pages in response to their search. Hence, to make sure you get people to your site, SEO is essential. We will cover some other online presence-related aspects related to cell phone repair shops marketing tips further down, so keep reading.

Keep Yourself Up to Date

One of the most critical aspects of this business is having the expertise to handle the repairs of the latest cell phones. It would be highly embarrassing if a customer walks into your outlet and asks for you to repair their latest Samsung Phone or an older Apple iPhone, and you wouldn’t happen to know anything about it. Ensure that you and your technical staff are trained and up to date on the latest tech to avoid any confirmed sale losses.

Have the Right Tools

So you have the technical expertise, but to ensure you don’t run into delays when someone asks for a repair job on their smartphone, you should have everything available at your outlet to get the job done. It would be best if you stocked up on the latest tech out there; it will allow you to offer repair work others can’t. Let us tell you that word of mouth is still as powerful as ever, and if one person finds out that you are carrying out repairs others can’t, you will soon have a lot of people coming to your shop.

Stock up on Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential; keeping a stock of the most common components of a cell phone or parts for popular phone brands ensures you or your technical staff have what they need at their fingertips to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You’ll be able to offer quicker delivery times to your customers, and happy customers mean more business – remember the word of mouth thing?

Market Your Business and then Market Some More

One of the essential factors to the success of any business is marketing. We already discussed one aspect of it for your online presence; however, there is a whole lot more remaining. Simply put, how do you expect people to come to you and give you work/sales when they don’t even know you exist? We’ll say throw out flyers in the commercial and residential area near your shop, advertise in the local paper, do whatever it takes to let people know you’re here and you are good at what you do. You can do many things for online presence, advertise on search engines, carry out email campaigns, and ensure you have a strong social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For more repair shop marketing techniques, you should either hire a digital marketer or a firm to provide you with their services.

 Add Technology to Your Operations and Processes

Another business-critical aspect is the automation of your repair shop operations and processes. A repair shop POS like SalesPush can do wonders for your business. From handling all billing and invoices to helping you keep track of repair jobs and inventory. A powerful tool like this can ensure you get reports regarding your business, letting you know how good or bad you are doing. Such tools allow you to make informed decisions concerning your company. They also let you monitor employee-related matters such as attendance, payroll and leave management. Don’t run your business without one, especially in this highly competitive market.

 Try to Grow Your Business

When you have a tool like SalesPush managing the many laborious aspects of the repair business, it gives you more time to work on strategies to expand your business. As we mentioned earlier, the reports will provide you with a clear picture of how to proceed. When we say grow your business, it means three things – sell more items, offer more services and open more repair outlets. It isn’t uncommon to find cell phone repair shops selling smartphones and feature phones, both new and used. Also, cell phone repair shops cater to repairing tablets and pocket pcs. Using the franchising method that is successfully used in various industries, you can expand your influence and business and increase your sales.

SalesPush is the leading cloud-based POS solution for cell phone repair shops. Offering extensive features to facilitate the repair business operations, it is the go-to solution for businesses large and small. Contact us now to find out how it can help you grow your business.

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