Reinvent your business with our hardware store POS system

Automate your business and sell everything as per the customer’s needs. Analyze, optimize,
and make smart plans
with real-time tracking through our all-in-one solution.

One-stop solution for all hardware stores.

Enjoy real-time analytics, automated inventory management, and recurring invoicing with our POS system for hardware stores.

  • Hassle-free checkouts with our recurring invoicing, and with accurate data calculation to track all the metrics
  • Send invoices to your customers via email after a sale is processed
  • Offer reward points to the customers so they are turned into returning families
  • Integrated warranty system to ensure customer satisfaction

Hardware inventory management made easier.

Fast and efficient stock management for your business keeping everything in check from items going out of stock, and everything in between.

  • Our hardware store POS boosts earnings and sales by offering product bundles and discounts
  • Improved and streamlined procurement procedures through our purchase order module
  • Return merchandise authorization improves and guarantees a better customer experience
  • The racking system also keeps track of each product’s rack, allowing you to retrieve goods faster

Trustworthy eCom solution to maximize profits.

Our eCom operations management solution allows you to sync, track, book, and streamline your entire business from one location.

  • Sync physical metrics with e-store inventory, orders, and statuses to keep a better track of everything
  • Ability to pick and choose the details you want to be shown to the customers
  • Map all your taxes from your physical location to your online store for an efficient process
  • Integrated shipping module to simplify the process of order tracking

Customizable interface for ecstatic user experience.

Completely modify your hardware store point of sale software according to your preference and workflow needs.

  • List and tiles view to make your products more apparent with custom icons and titles
  • Rename & re-arrange the hardware store POS sections for a bespoke user experience
  • Switch between dark mode and bright mode to reduce eye strain in long shifts
  • Quick mode and shortcut keys to further speed up the checkout process

Keep an eye on all your real-time audience stats, profits, and interests.

Records of your client’s interests, demographics, sales, real-time reports, and invoicing reports help you in optimizing plans for your entire business growth.

  • Identify your top-selling and top-trending products among your audience with our POS system for hardware stores
  • Profit & loss analytics provides an indication of where you are making sales and where the changes are required
  • Real-time inventory management reports always keep you updated with the stock
  • Identify potential growth areas with customer ratings to improve your service quality

Oversee your multi-location hardware business

Run your numerous locations and keep a track of everything all while staying connected with all your branches in one place with SalesPush.

  • Manage and transfer inventory among your various business locations without physically being there
  • Internal messaging keeps you connected to all the store staff and teams to increase efficiency
  • Easily provide access to any employee for numerous locations from within the settings
  • Swift switching between multiple locations straight from the POS