Loyalty program to turn one time shoppers into routine customers

A customer rewards program is a great way to show your appreciation to your customers
and encourage them to continue shopping with your business.

Simple customer loyalty reward program that's easy to join and redeem.

Set the parameters to offer loyalty points, and get the customers back into your store with an embedded loyalty feature on the POS.

  • Motivate your customers by offering points on every repair and purchase in-store and online
  • Loyalty points are added against the customer’s profile and easily redeemed on their next purchase
  • Predefine reward points for a repair or product that streamlines the process of maintaining loyalty
  • Quick and easy migration of loyalty points from your current system to SalesPush

Predefine settings helping you make the system your own.

Increase the turnover by implementing a fine-tuned loyalty point system that is configured to retain customers and is simple to follow.

  • Change the display label from loyalty points to reward program or anything of your choice
  • Set minimum & maximum points earning according to the amount spent
  • Limit customer points redemption on each checkout according to your program on their next purchase
  • Make your customer visit sooner by applying expiration on the loyalty points earned
Setup Custom Loyalty Program

Offer loyalty program to attract more customers.

Smoothen your process with our integrated loyalty module which keeps your customers attached and easily redeem your points

  • A one click process to view and redeem loyalty points directly from the POS
  • Enable customers to decide the number of points they wish to redeem
  • Easily add points and award discounts to the customer at the time of every purchase
  • View loyalty points instantly from the POS while selecting customer or simply heading into their profile

Can I pre-define the loyalty points earning criteria?

Yes, you can configure loyalty points to pre-defined rules with the option to redeem straight from the POS while the remainder will be adjusted automatically.

Decide the maximum amount of loyalty points a customer earns or redeems on a single transaction.

Can I set an expiration date for the loyalty points?

Yes. With flexible settings, you can decide the expiration date based on months or years.

How would my business benefit from the loyalty program?

Loyalty points help you to offer discounts with loyalty point redemption, increasing customer visits, and user experience.
You can use the loyalty points to offer discounts to the customers on their next purchase, hence, encouraging them to visit again.

If I switch over to SalesPush, would my customers lose their earned points?

Our sophisticated import tools help you import all details of your customers, including their reward points. When importing data, you can simply add their existing reward points and once the import is done, the reward points would be added against each customer.