Employee management software to drive business success

Streamline staff availability, leaves, payrolls, and more with our advanced HRM solution.

Employee Management Software for Repair Shops

Easy staff management for your repair business.

Streamlined employee management with integrated attendance and leave management offering you complete control over the access level of your employees.

  • Add your store’s employees, manage their roles, and permissions from within the system
  • Allow easy access to employees, to switch between accounts or stations with the access PIN
  • Define designations and departments and assign them to your employees
  • Quick calendar for the admin that shows all the leaves, To Do’s, reminders, holidays, and much more

Boost productivity of your repair shop.

Increase employee retention by offering commissions on repairs or sales. Built-in feature to only allow employees to log in from the systems in-store.

  • Motivate your staff by offering commission against sales or repairs
  • Specify the amount of discount an employee may offer to the customers
  • Whitelist the store’s IP to only allow access to the system from within the store
  • Keep your employees updated about their tasks through our built-in notifications

HRM & Essentials module for better employee management.

An advanced HRM module that effectively manages departments, wages, adherence, day-to-day tasks, and a lot more to better organize your business operations.

  • Monitor clock-in, clock-out, by shift, date, and notify staff about their tasks, leaves, and updates
  • Predefine leave types, and holidays keep you ahead of time about your monthly/yearly roster
  • Set reminders, create To-Do’s, manage payroll, allowances, and deductions through the HRM module
  • Better communication between staff throughout multiple stores via internal messaging

Can I limit employee access levels based on their roles?

Yes, the extensive employee settings allow you to specify user access levels based on their designations. You can restrict multiple modules based on the access level you wish to provide, also you can whitelist the IP Address.

Does SalesPush offers tools to manage employee login times and check for overtime?

Yes. Through the employee clock in and clock out, you can record login times and define login/logout time margins to calculate overtimes accurately.

Do you offer payroll management for my staff?

Yes. The employee management module gives you multiple options to manage your payroll through attendance, login hours, allowances, deductions, leaves, and much more.

Can I manage employee commission through the HRM module?

Yes. Commissions can be easily managed in the form of percentages and fixed amounts. Commissions can be allocated on products & services as well as assigned directly to employee login accounts.