Use self check-in to reduce wait time, and boost customer satisfaction.

Customer self check-in widget gives your customers another way to complete their shopping experience
with more control.

Self Check-In
Self Check-In Widget Integration with Repair POS Software

Swift check-in process with shorter lines.

Streamlined repair process by collecting all important information through our self check-in widget.

  • Speed up the process and let your customers provide their information themselves
  • The information captured through self check-in is populated automatically on the POS
  • Configure the widget easily on a separate device or a tablet
  • Customers can enter their contact details, device information and report the issue all from within the widget

Fastlane for self-registration.

Enjoy a speedy way to check out customers by allowing them to enter all their information themselves, leaving you with a click to submit a ticket or sale.

  • Predefine the information that you want your customer to enter while booking a repair
  • Add new customers smartly by simply enabling the feature on your POS
  • Avoid duplicates as the system will indicate if the customer already exists
  • Save time through self check-in as all the information will be made available automatically