Empower Your Repair Shop with Advanced Analytics

Data analysis and insight that helps you make smarter decisions.

In-depth analytics to help you focus on growth

Identify the most profitable revenue streams for your repair shop through our business reporting software that inherently reduces time and effort on strenuous tasks.

  • Track earnings by categories, brands, locations, and consumers on a daily basis
  • Follow the most popular repair trends to keep your supplies updated
  • Stay updated on staff availability and their attendance for better workforce management
  • User rating report to assist you in improving your client service by offering insights into their feedback

Effectively track all your staff activities.

Comprehensive reports with many features to help you sustain the workflow, including an in-depth examination of employee performance.

  • Keep an eye on every transaction through transaction log report to achieve the most accurate invoicing
  • Categorize all one-time and recurring employee expenses in graphical representation
  • Reward your employees on their performance through sales representative report
  • Offer and record employee commission in your POS to increase employee retention
Profit & Loss Report with Repair POS Software

Productive sales trend analysis for better business decisions

Learn more about your shop’s most popular products or services with easy-to-understand glance-able information on your repair dashboard.

  • Quick overview of the business with detailed sales and stock reports
  • Maintain a perfect balance between your purchases and sales through an intuitive report
  • Lot report streamlines your inventory and manages them through lot numbers, expiry, and adjustments¬†
  • Learn about shop’s profit & loss by filtering through products, brands, categories, locations, and customer-wise