The drone repair shop solution to maximizes your productivity

Manage all your repair tickets, invoices, quotations and inventory under one system
while keeping your customers updated.

Drone Repair Shop Point of Sale (POS) Software
Drone Repair POS Software

Ticketing software that helps better manage your business.

A well-run process for you to check out customers, book repairs, and organize tickets and invoices without any paperwork.

  • Instantly add or search customers and book repair jobs in just a few clicks
  • Use the search bar to scan and browse any product or service to save time
  • Change the ticket repair status to notify your customers via email and SMS
  • Display the terms and conditions of your store to intake customer’s signatures

Tired of managing inventory manually?

Keep a track of your vendors, on-hand quantity of catalogs, and low stock reports so you never go short on your top-selling items.

  • Save your vendor’s profiles and create purchase orders before and after placing orders to keep a record
  • Create Serialized Inventory to keep track maintain a record of your inventory
  • Use the inventory valuation methods to organize drone’s repair parts and products
  • Generate and print Barcodes to quickly scan or search at any time without any hassle

Tailor the repair store POS as per your preferance.

Change the structure and customize the panel according to your business needs. Re-name and re-arrange the sections on the POS.

  • Edit or change the user panel and streamline the process of creating tickets and invoices
  • Switch between dark mode and light mode according to the store’s ambiance
  • Change the templates of tickets and invoices as per your drone repair store’s requirement
  • Select icons from a wide range of images given in the icon’s library

Let your customers shop online.

Expand your business by stepping into the world of eCommerce. Broaden your customer base by implementing the latest shopping techniques through SalesPush.

  • Automate and two-way sync your e-store with the repair shop pos system to save time
  • Display your product catalog to your customer’s product descriptions and images
  • Get notifications in your POS once an order has been placed through your eCom-Store
  • Have a wider outreach and market your services and products effectively to target more customers
Drone Repair POS Appointment Scheduling

Stay ahead of the curve with advanced analytics.

SalesPush offers a variety of reports for every section where you can view the statistics in one glance.

  • Keep your top-selling always on hand with the help of top trending reports
  • Evaluate your employee’s performances by viewing their daily stats shown upon employee productivity reports
  • Use the inventory summary report for a comprehensive list of all your catalog and repair parts
  • Improve your customer services by viewing the user rating report

Rise above the competition with our drone repair software.

Customizable feature to change the display and optimize it to your preference also feel free to rename and rearrange the view and icons as per your requirement.

  • Restrict your employee’s roles as you wish to protect your privacy and keep an eye on everything
  • The user interface can be changed between dark & light mode depending on the user
  • Change view as per your convenience whether you want it to display in the form of tiles or listing
  • Icon library made available for the drone industry and the feature to add images of your choice on your POS