The coffee shop POS System that brings everything together

Handle all the sales and orders from the POS easily, accept split payment, manage staff, and expenses
while focusing on increasing the turnover of your coffee shop.

The one stop coffee shop software.

Simple order-taking POS system for restaurants to increase revenue and to effectively manage the operations, assigning tables and service workers to each order.

  • Check the availability and assign specific tables to customers and specify the packing charges for delivery orders
  • Select your service staff depending upon the skillset and demand and select the service type for the order
  • Customize and manage the workflow to boost your efficiency and simplify things
  • Offer loyalty points to excite customers and turn them into frequent visitors

Efficient coffee shop inventory management

A streamlined system that adheres to your business needs and takes away the burden of managing everything on paper without having to worry about products suddenly expiring.

  • Easy and efficient bulk importing method to restock products into the POS with just a few clicks
  • Set product variations with basic to all the perks so your upsells and profits are skyrocketing
  • Run auto-promotions on products approaching expiry to ensure nothing goes to waste
  • Serialize the inventory and keep a track of every product and variation

Set the look and feel as per your preferance

Completely customizable POS system that offers an unparalleled user experience making everything feel at home.

  • Switch between the light and dark mode to ease your eyes and to better suit your coffee shop aesthetics
  • The industry-specific icons help you make the tabs more attractive with those coffee and cups icons
  • Rename the POS sections to industry-specific terms in just a few clicks
  • Rearrange the menu items as per their demand, prices, or specialty

Stress-free expenses management

Be on top of your expense management with an advanced expense system taking care of all the expense categories and expenditures.

  • Log recurring expenses with custom intervals and repetitions to automate daily operations
  • Categorize your expenses to keep a close eye on where your money is being spent on
  • Detailed expense reports providing insight on all the spendings
  • Manage staff commissions and payouts using the expense module

Manage multi-locations under one account

Increase proficiency by managing all your coffee shop locations under one platform 

  • Multi-locations’ single cash register helps you manage the cash without being perplexed about each location individually
  • Monitor the staff and inventory for all the locations without physically being there
  • Check and transfer the inventories among various store locations
  • Stay connected with all your locations using the Internal messaging

Insightful analytics keeping eveything in check

Real-time tracking allows you to track interests, demographics, reports, and brief overviews.

  • Inventory reports that keep you updated with the items to be added or the ones that are overstocked
  • Check the profit and loss reports to stay up-to-date with the profit margins and losses incurred
  • Get to know about your top trending products to make sure you never run out of them
  • Keep an eye on user ratings for candid customer feedback and areas to improve