The home decor POS system with integrated managment tools

Track your products, team performance, and customer experience with detailed analytics to
constantly help you improve your business and increase sales.

Personalize services for greater client satisfaction.

Advanced home decor POS to help you enhance the quality of customer experience with the quickest checkout process.

  • Convenience to manage your invoices, purchase orders and return goods with just a few clicks
  • Smooth check out even after selecting multiple items from more than one item categories
  • Keep your regular customers intact with a reward & loyalty points system
  • Automate customer notifications via email and SMS for every transaction

Revamp your furniture store inventory management.

Organize your entire product base within SalesPush in the simplest of ways ensuring peak customer satisfaction.

  • Categorize inventory to make it easier for selecting items from the POS
  • Make use of product bundles by grouping items together and boost your revenue
  • Customize your inventory listings categorically with time-saving search filters
  • Synchronize your physical and virtual store inventory with our eCom solution

Get the best out of your available resources.

Increase the number of orders received through online advertising, track items, and their quantities through our furniture store POS system.

  • The integrated calendar widget allows you to get appointments via your e-store
  • Sync your inventory in real-time with every online order using WooCommerce
  • Grow your customer base by marketing your services effectively to get more walk-ins
  • Encourage self-service for your customers with our in-house order tracker integration to avoid follow-ups

Customize your POS to better suit your business.

Variety of customization options to choose from with the ability to arrange the categories, brands & models exactly how you want them to be for the quickest service possible.

  • Switch between light mode to dark mode in a single click, whenever you want to change the vibe
  • Two separate views either in listings or in tiles, whichever makes it easier for you
  • Quick mode and shortcut keys to speed up the selling process significantly
  • In-built icons library to help you customize your workflow even further

In-depth analytics for better business decisions.

All the profits made, business expenditures, and the ratings your customers gave at the time of checkout, are represented in the form of reports.

  • Easily accessible performance statistics for each employee with the sales representative report
  • User rating reports offer insight into the customer experience to ensuring the best quality services
  • Profit and loss report for all the upsells and margins gained which helps you identify areas to focus on
  • An essential top trending report to keep an eye out for the popular selling items

Multi-store management under one platform.

Manage all your furniture locations within a summarised system specifically designed to handle cross-location inventory and staff management for effective business outcomes.

  • Revoke or grant employee access based on their roles and designations
  • Customize the categories on the dashboard all at once without any hassle
  • Glance over the analytics and get an eagle’s eye view for improved performance tracking
  • Create To-Do tasks for your team to stay updated on all the tasks at hand