Exceptional service guaranteed through customer facing display

Customer experiences that build trust march in a straight line to customer satisfaction.
SalesPush offers a built-in CFD widget for your retail business.

Engage customer and enhance their checkout experience.

Showing a complete visual breakdown can tremendously improve the checkout experience while engaging customers through our customer facing display.

  • Increase transparency by displaying customers transaction details through CFD
  • Display discounts to customers, that encourages them to come back for better deals
  • Advertise promotional slides to display featured products while attracting customers and boosting sales
  • Showcase your stores terms & conditions and take customers consent & feedback

Set it up the way you like it.

The customer-facing screen can display various categories of information that customers find helpful. It keeps customers interested and allows them to review their transaction and in-take signatures.

  • Customize the layout by adding logo, promotional images, gif’s, and terms & conditions
  • Display complete order including customers name, items, quantity, price, and discounts
  • Minimize errors by allowing the customer to see a complete order summary
  • Instill customers confidence by taking their feedback and signatures for security

Increase sales with complete transparency & efficient setup process.

Improve customer experience with complete transparency and continuous updates on the order total turning the CFD into an essential apparatus of your retail business.

  • Easily setup through copying the terminal link and simply pasting it in the browser of your preferred device
  • Several triggers to specify which information needs to be displayed on the customer screen
  • Connect the same terminal with numerous devices to show order details on multiple screens
  • Configure up to 7 devices as customer facing display with unique terminal links for multiple counters

Can I use my current tablet as Customer Facing Display?

Yes. Our CFD is compatible with any tablet or iPad, so you won’t have to upgrade your current device.

What information would appear on the Customer Facing Display?

You can decide the information that would appear on your secondary display, such as the price, tax, sub-total, order total, discounts, store terms & conditions, and customer feedback.

Can I collect user ratings on checkout using the Customer Facing Display?

Yes, customers can provide their feedback during every check-out.