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SalesPush provides unmatched flexibility to vendors allowing them to create subscriptions
with monthly and annual payment options.

Affordable intervals for your customers.

Customers that use services frequently should be obliged and ensured that they never miss out on any promotion. Similarly, maximize your profits by offering monthly or annual subscriptions.

  • Increase your revenue while ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Recurring invoice is the key element that backs up created subscriptions
  • The checkout process allows you to add intervals by mentioning days, months, or years swiftly
  • Mention the number of repetitions for membership directly from POS

Your business deserves the best care.

Customers are the base for your business and keeping them loyal and involved is where SalesPush got you covered. We ensure that you have all the right opportunities to offer to your customer and keep them connected.

  • Track all your subscriptions under the POS sections and get a detailed dashboard
  • Unique numbers are attached to each member to keep a better record along with their name
  • View all your repetitions with generated invoices against each by the last paid date
  • Stay updated with the upcoming invoice dates and send reminders to your customers accordingly

What are the subscription intervals that I can set?

The subscription intervals vary with the requirements of your customers, so having fixed intervals can cause hindrances.
Our Point of Sale ensures that you can facilitate your customers with intervals and amounts that are suitable and affordable to them, helping you run your operations efficiently.

Can I stop a subscription mid-way?

Yes. Subscriptions can be altered, deactivated, and reactivated at any given time based on your business needs.