Summarized analysis of your restaurant

Stay on top of everything through advanced reporting and in-depth analytics
that make running a restaurant business easy and effective.

Advanced Analytics & Business Reporting Software

Smart data driven business operations.

Streamlined analytics that allows you to identify your restaurant’s most profitable dishes or services, along with an in-depth table and service staff reporting to smoothen the operations.

  • Easy profit tracking by categories, brands, locations, or customers with date ranges
  • Top trending report to keep you updated with your popular dishes or items
  • Identify the most profitable tables in the restaurant with the table report that indicates everything
  • User feedback report to assist you in improving your customer outreach by offering insights

Keep a track of employee activities in one place.

Stay updated with your staff performance to consistently provide the best services to your customers ensuring loyalty and enhanced experience.

  • Keep an eye on every transaction through transaction log report to achieve the most accurate invoicing
  • Categorize all one-time and recurring employee expenses in graphical representation
  • Monitor waiting staff performance through our comprehensive service staff report
  • Offer and record staff commission in your POS to increase employee retention

Analytics with insight into sales patterns.

Extensive purchase, payment, stock, register, and transaction reports for your restaurant with easy-to-understand metrics, making it simpler to keep everything in check.

  • Quick overview of the business with detailed stock and payment reports
  • Maintain a perfect balance between your purchases & sales through an intuitive report
  • Understand your per transaction revenue and payment methods through transaction log report
  • Know your registers opening & closing time along with the complete reconciliation through register report