Advanced analytics tools to keep you on top of everything

SalesPush offers you a deeper insight into your business operations by keeping you updated with your stock levels, profit margins, top trending products & services, and much more.

Grow your business by focusing on the things that truly matter.

Streamlined analytics that helps you distinguish the most beneficial income streams of your retail shop, permitting you to spend less time and effort on the less profitable services and products

  • Track your profits by categories, brands, locations, and customers on a day-to-day basis
  • Stay updated on your top trending products to ensure you keep them stocked
  • Allow your customers to rate their shopping experience based on their satisfaction
  • User rating report to help you improve your customer outreach with insights into their feedback

Conveniently track all your employee activities.

Detailed reports offering in-depth analysis on staff performance with plenty of features to help you maintain a consistent workflow.

  • Keep an eye on every transaction logged by an employee to ensure the accurate reconciliation
  • Better track all employee expenses through expense categories to manage business expenditures
  • Progressive reports on individual expenses created by each of your staff.
  • Stay updated with your staff availability and their attendance

Monitor your sales trends with up-to-the-minute analytics.

Learn more about your shop’s most popular items, stock expiry alerts, and stock levels with easy-to-understand comprehensive statistics on your dashboard.

  • Detailed stock and expiry alerts to notify you about the stock levels and products approaching expiry
  • Increase employee retention by offering and tracking employee commissions
  • Quick overview of your entire store through the admin dashboard
  • Track trends based on locations, categories, brands, specific date range, and product types