The electronics store point of sale software that helps you expand your horizons

Become a part of a leading inventory management solution that allows you to enhance your business
by using the right tools and marketing your products online.

Electronics store POS system with distinctive features.

An organized system with facilities ranging from constant notifications to managing your invoices.

  • Provide warranty and modify the time frame, while adding a product, service, or at checkout
  • Notify customers via Emails and SMS on improvising about their invoice status
  • Offer loyalty points to excite customers and earn customer loyalty to build a strong clientele
  • Provide warranties on your products to your customers from the POS

Highly efficient in-store and online electronics store inventory management software.

Our multimodal inventory system benefits you in organizing, tracking purchase orders, arrange stocks, generate electronic receipts, and perform audits.

  • With effective reports, know when to restock the most desired products by your customers
  • Import items tools and transfer repair services and products in bulk through excel sheets to save time
  • Serialize your inventory to keep track of each catalog so you know which item is available or sold out
  • Use rack-row-position feature to designate for a good warehouse organization

Sell electronics effortlessly online with our eCom integrations.

With our in-built WooCommerce integration, expand your sales by syncing the inventory to your website and make it easier for your customers to shop online.

  • You can sync your inventory from SalesPush to your website and display it with pictures and prices
  • Once the order is placed from your website, the point of sale will automatically generate an invoice
  • Let your customers track their orders straight from your website using the order tracker widget
  • Conduct online business and increase your revenue and customer base just by using eCommerce in SalesPush

Create every aspect as per your preference

Why stick to undesirable features? Specify your icons by rearranging, remaining the layout, and controlling the graphical interface; all of your choices in our sales point software.

  • Enable light and dark mode within the POS
  • Drop-down layout to speed up the checkouts with the ability to scan products on the POS
  • Rename or rearrange your tabs from the specified section on the POS system
  • Select icons from the library according to your preferences

Daily sales, top sellers, and hot selling products are a click away.

Streamlined analytics that let you distinguish the most fruitful revenue streams of your electronics shop.

  • Keep a track of profits by categories, brands, locations, and customers on a day-to-day basis
  • View your top-selling items to stock up inventory beforehand
  • Track employee productivity with a comprehensive performance report
  • Graphically presented data for you to view in a single dashboard

Manage all your internal and external expenses with ease

Efficiently manage and record your cost of operations to achieve optimal results with our electronics store pos expense module.

  • Create recurring expenses for utility bills and charges on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis
  • Create categories for expenses to organize the data according to your preferences
  • Post employee commissions or any subsidized provisions
  • View expenses via graphs to give a quick look and understanding