The vape shop POS system that keeps you ahead of the curve

Explore a business solution that ensures excellent service and growth with everything aligned perfectly,
from detailed analytics to inventory management all-inclusive.

Boost your sales with the right tools at hand.

The perfect solution to manage your vape shop is through an organized invoices system that keeps you focused on the things that could make a difference.

  • Smooth check-out process for your clients so you never lose a potential lead due to any reason
  • Swiftly add all items to the cart on one screen for better time management
  • The loyalty point module turns your regulars into recurring customers so you can widen your customer base
  • Follow Up through SMS & Emails with your clients without any problem

Track all your inventory in one Cloud Based POS Software.

Optimize your business by keeping a track of all your inventory, accept appointments, manage invoices while categorizing items accordingly. All this covers every aspect to make your business operations easier.

  • Record the location of the item placed along with its quantity for better control
  • Calendar widgets help in coordinating your online and in-store appointment
  • Product bundles increase your revenue by adding two products and offering a tempting deal
  • The low stock report will alert you promptly to ensure you do not run out of the flavors

Expand your vape business effectively with eCom

Expand your outreach and experience growth by syncing your inventory on your website in real-time. The woo-commerce built-in integration allows your customers to purchase online flawlessly while your in-store stock gets maintained automatically.

  • The quick and efficient setup process with options to map and sync product categories, products, and orders.
  • Order tracker widget gives your customers the ability to track their order straight from your website 
  • Two-way sync ensures the accurate stock availability for your web-store and physical store
  • Track of all the orders & products along with their details through sync log

Customizable POS software for your vape shop

SalesPush provides various customization tools, the ability to arrange and rename the categories to your convenience, and a lot more for an optimized and quick process.

  • Change the layout from listing to tiles view that suits your need
  • Switch from light mode to dark mode smoothly according to the vibe
  • Extensive icon library to choose from that fits your business needs
  • Strengthened your sales process by implementing quick modes

Breakdown of your profits, expenses and user ratings.

This section gives you all the reports you need of all the activities for the day, week, or month so you don’t have to be calculating the figures one by one.

  • Profit and loss report for comprehensive & cost-effective business planning for the coming weeks.
  • Top trending report telling you about the popular items so you keep a good stock of those.
  • The user rating reports to get you some honest feedback from your customers on the spot.
  • Put together a high-performing team with the Sales Representative Report in order to get the best people on board.

Reward point system to ensure customer loyalty

Regular and loyal customers can help in organic outreach and boost sales. SalesPush loyalty helps retain customers more than ever.

  • Predefined settings for the reward point allotment ensuring everything is kept in check
  • Easily set the redemption threshold for max reward points that can be redeemed
  • Award loyalty points the customers can redeem later to avail discounts
  • Quick and easy QR code generation for an electronic menu for your shop