5 Must-Have Features for Your Spa POS

Running a salon is no walk in the park; given the immense competition, you need something to give you the edge over the competition. Experienced and skilled staff, along with excellent customer service, go a long way; however, you need to provide some incentive for potential customers to take the leap of faith of coming to your spa initially and repeatedly. That can only be done by making things easier for your customers, and technology can help you provide that convenience, specifically spa management software like SalesPush. If you are interested, then please keep reading as we are just getting started on the five essential features your Spa POS should have.

Appointment Management Via SPA Point-of-Sale System

We can’t stress enough how important the ability to provide and manage appointments through a spa point-of-sale system like SalesPush is. This functionality attached to your website can provide immense convenience to your clients to book the service, date, time, and staff members from the comfort of their homes. You set the initial time slots, services, and staff members available. The spa POS does the rest; it is intelligent enough to prevent double bookings of a staff member for a specific service at a mentioned time and open up slots for canceled appointments.

At the business end, the POS informs your staff of the times and details of the customer they are booked with and the service they have opted for. If your customer is at the premises and wishes to set up an appointment for their next visit, they can also do that through a customer-facing display of the point-of-sale system.

Inventory Management Through Spa Management Software

All businesses use specific tools and materials to run their operations, and a Spa is no exception. Keeping track of all the tools of the trade and the creams, shampoos, incense, and other luxury oils can be tedious if you do not have spa management software like SalesPush. Using such a system, entering in all the inventory doesn’t take that long, and setting it up according to each service provided is not difficult either once you have uploaded the stock count. Whenever a particular service is provided and made a note of in the system, it automatically deducts an amount from whichever cream, shampoo, or exotic oil was used. You also have the option of setting up a low quantity alert and expiration alert so that when a particular item’s stock goes below a specific count, it notifies you to get some more. The same thing with perishable items such as creams and shampoos, when they are about to expire, a notice is given to you beforehand depending on how long you set it for.

Customer Relationship Management and Integrations for Marketing Purposes

CRMs are an integral part of a spa; knowing your customers and clientele and communicating and interacting are essential for keeping them engaged. Hence, modern-day spa POS systems have integration options to connect with your website and to connect with bulk mailing solutions like MailChimp to ensure you can send out the latest promotions to the customers who have asked for it. You can also send messages to them and also communicate via various chat software. It is well-known that the more engaged a customer is, the more the chance they will use your services or buy your products.

SPA POS must have an extensive Reporting Feature

Generating reports is one of the most business-critical functionalities of a Spa POS like SalesPush. The ability to create usable information out of various data is invaluable when it comes to decision-making. From knowing if the business is going in loss or making a profit to knowing which months, seasons see a business spike and which see fewer appointments. These can allow you to take measures to increase profits or counter loss through appropriate actions. For example, you find out through a yearly appointment report that the spa sees a decline in appointments during the summer months, resulting in lower sales. You can carry out various marketing activities and offer special discounts to your customers during that time to increase appointments and thus profitability.

Staff Management through POS System

Managing staff is not easy, so supervisors and managers control the team and ensure that they perform at optimum levels. However, other aspects such as payroll, attendance, and leave management to require a specialist to take care of them or a system that can handle these things. The modern-day POS software like SalesPush can, through various add-ons, provide such functionality to the Spa. Hence, saving money on getting a dedicated system or hiring a specialist. Handling everything from attendance to the number of leaves a staff member has taken, the added functionality of the POS system also calculates payroll and keeps track of commissions.

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