5 Advantages of POS Systems for Spas

5 Advantages of POS Systems for Spas

Running a Spa is no easy task; there are many aspects of the business that you need to consider. From managing the appointments and bookings of your clients to making sure you have enough staff scheduled to handle the workload. Besides, keeping track of all the tools of the trade, including all the creams, shampoos, and exotic oils used during the sessions, can be difficult. However, business owners and management of spas have found tools that can assist them with handling these and other facets of the spa industry. If you’ve read this far, you’re in luck as we will cover one of these tools, the POS systems for Spas, and look at what advantages they offer, so keep reading.

Better Control of Appointments and Bookings through the Spa POS

The bread and butter of any spa are the clients, and the number of bookings and appointments scheduled tell the story of how much business a spa is doing. Besides having exceptionally skilled staff,  making it easy for your clients to set appointments and bookings is essential to keep them coming to your place and not heading over to the competition. Traditionally, customers would call up a spa, get information and book an appointment, or they would go to the spa, take their chances for a slot, or book a time for another day. However, all spas nowadays have a website, and with a modern-day Spa POS like SalesPush, you can integrate your booking system to work online.

Ease for Customer

You can set up the time slots for each session and the employees available for that session. Your clients can then book these slots and the staff member for the session depending on the time and who is available. The bookings work in real-time, so once a booking has been made, the slot cannot be taken by any other customer unless there is a cancellation. If they are at the Spa, the software, through a customer-facing display, can allow clients to book their session right from the system.

Ease for Staff

On the other end, your staff can view their bookings and know if the client who has booked them is a returning or new customer. That allows the team to prepare for the session; clients usually choose the same staff member because the staff has now become aware of their preferences. So this system allows staff to give a more personalized experience to the clients, and they also have better visibility of their schedules.

Better Inventory Management through the Spa Point of Sale System

One of the most critical things that affect the spa business, after its staff, is its equipment and the items they use to carry out their sessions. To ensure you have everything you need, you have to track the usage of the things – that means knowing how much stock came and how much was used. Traditionally, this was a very labour-intensive and tedious process; however, it has become more efficient and accurate with a spa point of sale system. You can upload all your inventory data into the POS in a few minutes and divide and classify them as well. You can set up how much of something will be used according to the session that will be done. So if it were an aromatherapy session, you would set how many scented candles will be used and the quantity of the exotic oils. When a session is registered, you will know what you need to get more of at the end of the day. Also, if anything is perishable, you will have the expiry information of the products in front of you as well.

Better Customer Relationships through the Spa Management Software

As mentioned previously, customers are essential, and having them stay with you for the long haul is any business’s primary goal. That is where spa management software can help you excel; it is said that keeping your customers engaged is the key to success. Meaning carrying out marketing campaigns and promotions and keeping your customers informed of any invents. You have all the customer’s data in your system; use email, text, and phone to keep your customers up-to-date regarding your spa’s activities.

Better Employee Management at a Lower Cost

Ensuring you have the correct number of people to provide the services to your customers is critical to the spa’s operations. That is why companies spend money on HR departments and HRM software; however, these options cost a lot of money. However, POS systems like SalesPush provide HRM software as an add-on at a fraction of the cost you would have to pay for the other two options. The system offers attendance tracking, leave management, and payroll calculations, among other features.

Better Overall Business Management with Detailed Reports

To improve your spa’s profitability and expand your business, you first need to know which state it is in currently. The most effective method of finding that out is through reports. For spas, that could be appointments and booking reports and profit and loss reports, inventory usage reports. Report generation is the basic functionality in most POS software; if yours doesn’t have that, you’re not going to get accurate data and make informed decisions. For example, you find out that the aromatherapy sessions take a dive during the summer months using the booking report. You ask the staff and do some research and find out that the room where these are done is not sufficiently cool and comfortable during the summers. You can then invest in better air-conditioning and insulation and advertise that to your customers to counter the drop in bookings during the summertime.