5 Must-Have Point of Sale Hardware Components

If you’re running a business, any business, then you know that any tool that can make your day-to-day operation more manageable and more efficient is a must-have. And in today’s era, the modern-day cloud-based point-of-sale system is the tool that can make all the difference when it comes to ease of work. However, as versatile and powerful as the POS system is, you still need to have some hardware components along with it to ensure you’re making full use of its functionalities. So, if we’ve got you curious about the hardware that needs to be given when it comes to such systems, then we suggest you keep on reading.

A Device or Computer with a Touch Screen for Your Cloud-based POS System

The beauty of an advanced cloud-based POS system like SalesPush is that it doesn’t need specific hardware to work. Any device with a browser and access to the Internet can make use of this software; that’s why it’s ideal for restaurants where waiters can carry around tabs and take orders right on it. However, if you have checkout point(s), you need to have at least a large touch screen monitor connected to a device, ideally a computer; this will allow your staff to use the icons on the software to do entries and changes and view them. If you add a customer-facing display, that’s the icing on the cake as customers appreciate seeing the entries of their items and the calculation of the cost; it will add to your business’s customer satisfaction index.

The Point-of-Sale Software Barcode Scanner is Essential for Speed and Efficiency

If you run a retail store and there was an option to go for a single device that could increase the checkout speed of your counter staff, you would go for it, right? Well, the barcode scanner is one such device. Advanced point-of-sale software can manage inventory and generate barcodes based on the SKUs that you provide to individual items. The scanner effectively allows you to scan a barcode on a product and get all its details – it not only allows the counter staff to speed up the checkout process, but it also allows for efficient management of the inventory. You can do refunds and returns with ease.

Credit Card Processing Machine to take Payments

Having had the ability to process the items and show the customer the itemized amount, you need to take the amount from the customer before you hand over the items and the invoice. That is where the handy credit card machine comes in. It will allow you to charge the customers easily for the things they purchased or the services they utilized. Hence, don’t run your business without it.

Cash Drawer to Hold the Stash

Although almost all individuals use plastic money in this day and age, cash hasn’t been banned yet. Hence you will require a place to store the cash payments that your customers make; almost any cash drawer will do. However, some cash drawers even connect to POS systems and open up only when the system tells them; this ensures the cash drawer is only open when it needs to be, hence minimizing any losses.

Printers for the POS System

One of the most basic functionalities of a POS system like SalesPush is to provide itemized billing and invoicing that includes calculating all relevant taxes. However, you can’t just show that to the customer and expect them to not ask for a printed version. So a printer is essential for the invoices to give to the customer. However, depending on the printer you buy, you will need to have more than one type; you will need a printer to print out the barcodes that the software creates. Also, ideally, you should have a printer for each checkout counter

SalesPush is an advanced POS system with functionalities that range from billing to inventory management to powerful report generation features. With its useful add-on and integration features, its functionality can be increased to manage employees and act as a CRM; integrate with MailChimp to send out bulk marketing emails and more. If you would like to have a state-of-the-art POS system at a great price, then reach out to our sales representatives now!