Things to Consider Before Selecting A Pos System For Your Hair Salon

Do you own a hair salon? Even if you’re the manager of one, you are painfully aware of the challenges a salon business faces. The competition is quite tough among hairdressing businesses. Getting the edge over others involves having the best staff and best customer service; however, one important aspect people tend to forget is technology. New and upcoming technologies like SalesPush that add convenience for your customers and save you money are essential in staying ahead of the competition. If you realize that and are constantly upgrading your business to integrate technologies, you must have considered getting a hair salon POS system? If that is the case, you need to read this article as we cover the points you must consider before selecting a POS system for your hair cutting and dressing business.

 Do the Hair Salon Software Features Include Scheduling and Appointment Options?

No POS is complete without scheduling appointment options as part of the hair salon software features. This offers convenience to your customers and saves you money on hiring or engaging additional resources so that they can manage the appointments that your clients make. If you have a website and use modern-day POS like SalesPush, you can implement the scheduling and appointment setting functionality on your site. That will allow clients to select a date, time, and hairdresser online, and they can pay for it on the website and get a receipt emailed. This process saves your clients time and effort of calling on the phone, waiting, and booking an appointment.

You can also make the appointment setting available for walk-in clients. When they come in, they can use a customer-facing display and the POS system to schedule their next visit and make the payment in advance as well and get a receipt right then and there. Again the more convenient you make things for your customers, the more they will keep coming to your hair salon.

 Does the Hair Salon Point-of-Sale Software have inventory management support?

Items like shampoos, hair creams, hair dyes, and all the tools of the trade are critical things that your business cannot do without. However, managing their stock is a tedious task, and that is where hair salon point of sale software like SalesPush does best. You can upload your entire inventory in a few minutes; for daily use, things like shampoos and creams, you can set a low stock alarm and an expiration alarm. These alarms will let you know when the items have reached the threshold level and notify you to purchase more. Or, if the items are about to expire, you can prioritize them to be used first or give discounts on services in which they will be utilized.

 Does the Hair Salon POS System have an Employee Management Functionality?

Running a salon involves managing hairdressers and other staff, and that means taking note of their attendance, managing their leaves, and calculating their payroll, among other aspects. It can be a time-consuming process for which you would need to hire someone to handle these things or get a separate system for these matters. However, if your hair salon POS system has these systems as an added functionality like SalesPush, you can save considerably and have your tasks done efficiently.

Can the POS System Generate Detailed Reports?

The ability of a POS system to provide you with detailed reports regarding your hair salon business is vital. And if a point-of-sale system does not have that, it is pretty much useless as there are other systems out there like SalesPush that do offer this functionality. Seeing sales reports, gross profit and net profit reports, appointment and scheduling data give you the data to understand how your hair salon is faring. Using these details, you can make informed decisions to cut losses, increase profit and expand the business. For example, if you find out that the number of people coming in for hair cuts goes down during the middle of the month, you can then set up promotions or give discounts at that time to increase footfall and online appointment bookings.

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