How Restaurant POS Software Reduces Expenses at Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant is like any other business, where you strive to minimize your costs and increase your profits. The easiest way to do that would be to fire all the staff and hire robots for all the tasks, including waiting, serving, and cooking. However, unlike the automotive industry, this isn’t possible yet in the hospitality one. The good news is; currently, you don’t need to fire everyone, and a simple POS system like SalesPush can help minimize your costs. If you want to save money for your restaurant business, then keep reading.

 So, How to Reduce Restaurant Expenses?

Before we can start on how to reduce restaurant expenses, we need first to identify the two major factors that make up any restaurant’s expenses and are the staff and the supplies. Employees essential for a minimum setup include the chefs, the waiters, and the cleaning staff. The food items and related stock is something you cannot compromise on, as that is what you use to make your culinary cuisines to sell to the customers. However, the number of people required and the quantity of stock is something you can optimize to save on restaurant expenses per month. And luckily, both can be sufficiently managed with the help of SalesPush POS software. Have we piqued your interest? If yes, keep reading because we are about to get into the details.

 Optimizing Staff Requirement

This section will look at the various responsibilities or jobs staff have to undertake at a restaurant and how the modern-day POS helps make the job roles more efficient.

Billing and Invoicing

Billing and invoicing is one of the most critical job roles that a person mans at the cash register or also known as the cashier. People using books and calculators to create the bill for customers need to be accurate with their calculations. However, a person would go over everything to ensure all entries are correct at the end of the day. So you have two people doing a job that should be done by one. The SalesPush POS is the ideal tool since its advanced software takes care of the calculations; you don’t need a person to check them each time. It stores data regarding the bills and invoices printed throughout the day and makes it available for you to see with a few clicks.

Order Taking and Running Orders

Traditionally in restaurants, when a waiter takes the order, he takes it to the cash counter where it’s noted down, and there is a runner or runners who go to the kitchen to inform the chefs to prepare the order. However, with the cloud-based SalesPush, the waiter can carry any device, with a browser and access to the Internet and take down a customer’s orders. The orders are displayed in real-time through the Kitchen Display functionality to chefs who immediately start preparing the required dishes. So with a single system, you removed the cost for the runner or runners depending on how many the restaurant had and sped up the entire order taking and preparing process.

Save on Staff to check for Online orders and Orders from other Apps

Restaurants with a website that allows customers to place orders require a person to keep an eye out for incoming orders. However, with the advanced POS systems with multiple integration options that allow it to connect with the website and apps like Uber Eats, the same person responsible for payment collection can easily manage the incoming requests from the website and third-party apps.  So you have just reduced the need for another resource.

Managing Employees

When you have many people working for you at a restaurant, you need to have supervisors and managers oversee them. This overseeing involves taking note of leaves, marking attendance, overtime, payroll, among other aspects. However, using POS software, you can manage these things from the system itself, which helps you track attendance and manage the payroll of full-time, part-time, and contractual staff. This system reduces the need for multiple supervisors and managers, again saving you money.

Optimizing Stock Requirements for reducing expenses of Restaurants

We are not done yet with reducing the expenses of restaurants; there is still the matter of optimizing inventory requirements. The modern-day POS’s most powerful functionality to reduce cost has yet to be revealed. Keep on reading for more exciting money-saving functionalities.

Managing Stock Inventory

Everything from the meat, the vegetables, the spices, and condiments to the cutlery, trays, and dishes, including disposable packaging, is a part of the inventory of a modern-day restaurant. Keeping track of how much of something was bought or used is a time-consuming task and a laborious one, where one person would be taking count and the other checking the stock. However, with POS like SalesPush, a single person with a scanner taking note of all the supplies can handle this. With a POS system, stock overuse and stealing are reduced significantly. Since the system can be set up to deduct items based on each dish served, the stock getting lost will be drastically reduced, saving your cost on getting replacements.

Calculating Stock Quantity through Reports

The most useful feature in stock optimizing is the reports that can be generated through a POS. With a few clicks, you can get an inventory report or information that tells you which menu item receives the greatest sale and which doesn’t. This data will allow you to make an informed decision when purchasing food items to create your cuisine. Hence, allowing you to save money on food stock otherwise would have to be given away or thrown since it wasn’t utilized.

We have just mentioned some great cost-saving benefits of using a POS at your restaurant; however, these are not comprehensive by any means. Hence, there are many more benefits waiting to be discovered in the use of the modern-day POS System.