SalesPush + Self-Check-In

Use the self-check-in widget to collect customers’ information, device information, and signatures on an iPad speeding up the booking process.

Customer self-check-in is a powerful in-house integration that allows you to collect customer’s information, device info, and the customer’s signature by filling in the inquiry form. Once the form is filled out, you can create a ticket/invoice from your system within a few clicks.

The system automatically checks if the added customer exists in the system or a new customer needs to be added to avoid duplications. The check-ins are easily accessible from the POS to enhance your workflow.

Furthermore, you can also restrict or make the fields mandatory for the customer to enter before the Self Check-In is completed.

Features & Benefits:

  • Minimize the in queue wait time for the customers by allowing them to Self Check-In.
  • Have the customer’s information before they even reach the counter.
  • Give your customer’s the transparency to input the information themself.