SalesPush + HRM

The HRM module lets you manage leaves, attendance, allowance & deduction, payroll, holidays, departments, and designations.

The HRM module allows you to view your employee’s attendance by shift, by date and even lets you import attendance. You can also predefine leave types for better employee management for holidays and leaves.

Furthermore, you can create to-do lists for your employees to automate the task assignment and send out reminders to your employees pertaining to their tasks. The module also allows you to define allowance and mark deductions against employees to better manage payrolls.

The HRM module also lets you run your employee payrolls and disburse salaries whether the staff is on a weekly or bi-weekly basis without a hitch.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automate employee management
  • Track staff availability with leave management
  • Employee classifications with departments and designations
  • Attendance tracking and importing