SalesPush + e-Catalog

Generate a digital catalog of your products and services to widen your outreach and capture a maximum number of customers

The integration enables you to create a digital catalog of your products to be displayed by scanning a custom QR code using any device with a camera, primarily smartphones as they have a built-in QR reader.

SalesPush provides the built-in feature of QR code which has various advantages that make it crucially important for your business to attract and reach out to more potential customers.

It is a user-friendly technology with extensive benefits that makes you stand out and increase the number of walk-ins by reviewing your complete menu, products, or services online.

Features & Benefits:

  • Boost revenue by adding top trending products, services, or menu items.
  • Customers may access your store inventory in seconds on the go.
  • Improve your business operations as the customer will be aware of the items available.
  • The user can easily scan the QR code and see the menu through their smart device.